Madison "Mads" Farmer


 Madison "Mads"  Farmer
Mads is a registered nurse that moved to Bozeman after spending some time in Frisco, Colorado. Originally from the small town of Frankfort, Michigan, she wanted to leave "the lakes" and take on the mountains. She graduated from the University of Michigan School of Nursing in 2019, and started working at Trillium in 2020.

At Trillium, Mads does almost all of the phlebotomy and has been told she has a gentle touch when drawing blood or starting IVs. Mads works with IV patients, including assisting in nutrient and ozone treatments, and frequently updates the doctor to be sure that your treatments are tailored to your desires and medical needs. If you have any lab draw or IV questions, you can reach out to Mads. 

Mads also works to provide patient safety, as well as client education when needed. She can help in acute situations, like if you may be worried you have a urinary tract infection when the doctor might be working with another patient at an appointment.

When Mads isn't at the clinic, you can find her on the slopes snowboarding, at a music festival, making art, or traveling. She enjoys all things nature, art, and music, and frequently has plans for a new adventure.